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As much as half of the food on the plant requires the work of pollinators. Pollinators are fascinating creatures to observe and help as they work hard to both survive and to keep the human food chain as we know it, running as we have come to expect. This forum category is a place to talk about these amazing creatures in any capacity. From rearing honey bees to hatching monarchs - lets have some fun sharing our stories and experiences!

PlantTAGG App

PlantTAGG is a patent pending artificial intelligence platform powered by world-class data sources and horticulture experts designed to help gardeners of all skill levels achieve higher levels of success caring for all of the plants they own. Gardeners using PlantTAGG will get data-driven expert guidance on plant selection, landscape design, companion planting and the most comprehensive recommended care tasks and tips based on the precise location of a yard.

Landscaping & Plant Care

Caring for plants is hard! This Landscaping & Plant Care category is where topics such as landscape design & strategy, watering, pruning, fertilizing, planting and heat/freeze protection which apply to all plants can happen.

Pests - Friend or Foe

Garden pests are unavoidable. The purpose of this forum category is to share tips, tricks and best practices on how gardeners deal with pests. Prevention is always best but sometimes things get away from us and we need to remediate quickly.

Plant Swap

Gardeners LOVE to share their plants and this Plant Swap group is the place to facilitate hyper-local plant sharing. If you have plants to share, be very specific as to what it is, background, care, climate suggestions for planting such as sunlight, watering, fertilizer, pruning, etc. Add several pictures of the plant and be clear how people can coordinate getting the plant. If you are looking for a specific plant, be as clear as you can about species, variety/cultivar, size, and other relevant attributes. “Sharing is Caring” - have fun!

Community Gardens & Garden Tours

At PlantTAGG we are thankful for our partnership with the Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists who dedicate huge amounts of time to their selfless missions to educate the public on best-practices in horticulture. Our partnership is such that we will ‘PlantTAGG-Enable’ any community garden to enhance the experience garden visitors have by using PlantTAGG to identify and learn more about plants. The Master Gardener and Master Naturalist communities have become an integral part in our creation and publication of highly experienced and credible plant content. If you are associated with a community garden in your neighborhood, ask them to contact us to PlantTAGG-Enable. If you are a garden visitor, use PlantTAGG to learn more and let us know how it goes!


Houseplants will improve the air quality and your attitude when cared for properly. Some houseplants can be temperamental, requiring attention and precision in lighting, supplemental nutrients and water. Lets hear about your houseplants - your favorites and not-so-favorites.


Perennials are plants that live for two or more years, unlike annual plants, which must be replanted each spring. Perennials return year after year and continue blooming until they reach maturity, which varies averaging three to five years depending on the plant. Each year, they will flower and may completely die back at the end of the season, but the roots remain and will regenerate blooms the following year. Most perennials do not bloom during the first year of their lives and when they do, they tend to bloom for only a few weeks each year and are dormant the rest of the year. Although technically trees and shrubs could be considered perennials, the term most commonly refers herbaceous perennials which are characterized by non-woody, soft green stems and often have showy flowers. Depending on the plant type and the weather conditions where the plant is being grown, some perennials can be treated as annuals as they may die out in harsh climates and require replanting the following year.

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