Bees in my backyard - what plants do they favor?

Last spring, I added an Owl House to my backyard urban wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, I did not attract an Owl, however, this summer the owl house became the new home for a beehive complete with many active workers collecting pollen and nectar for the hive. I have noted an overwhelming preference for Lamb’s Ear blooms with Mint in bloom and Autumn Sage in a close tie for second. I plan to photograph the hive, my plants, and the landscape, in general, to see if the bees have a shift in their level of activity.
I have noted good bee activity in various other plants including the flowers of milkweed.
Based on my informal research on the internet many plants have been reported or photographed as being of interest to bees, however, I have seen minimal bee activity related to most of the flowering plants grown from bulbs. I would be interested in hearing from other gardeners which plants support bees best.

Len Nadalo
DCMG 2020