Kinute - Really Interesting Mission & Content

My friend Wallace Hall is behind this new conservation-focused blogger site called ‘Kinute’. Below is a link to some stories on monarchs. I also highly recommend the stories on ocean trash as well. Being a PADI Divemaster, this is a topic near and dear to my heart.

Dear PlantTagg community,

Monarchs and many other pollinators are facing new challenges. There is a serious drought that expands north and west of Dallas Texas. Recent grass fires less than 100 miles west of Fort Worth point to the progressive challenges that the ecology of North Texas faces with the growing drought. I believe that drought-resistant plants which incidentally are very often native plants should be promoted both in our own landscapes as well as a representative in the advice that we provide to the public. I am in the process of re-evaluating some of the plants in my landscape. I would appreciate learning it if others have similar ideas concerning water conservation. Many of the preferred flower species for monarchs and other butterflies are also extraordinarily drought tolerant.

The growing ecological disaster involving the oceans of the world can only be prevented by not using items that are contributing to the mountains of plastic trash daily. I am now making conscious decisions about how I purchase assorted items avoiding pre-packaging and purchasing items that I use daily in alternative packaging that is fully recyclable. Batteries that are rechargeable work well and once put into service do not add additional trash that might end up in the oceans. High-quality coffee can be purchased, ground, transported to home in a simple paper bag and then stored in a permanent coffee keeper. The bag can then be repurposed to overwinter bulbs.


Im in the process of replacing a meaningful portion of our turfgrass and Asian Jasmine with a dry creek river bed and all native species. Last year was my first foray into true natives with a small pollinator garden and had great success attracting Monarchs. We nurtured and hatched about 25 Monarch “cats” thanks to the tutelage of my friend, neighbor and Monarch expert Janet Smith. We also hatched some giant swallowtails that we found on our potted Meyer lemon tree and a few other swallowtails we got from some pipe vine.

Im about half way through reading “Nature’s Best Hope” by Douglas W. Tallamy. If you havent read it and are looking for a real eye opening and inspirational book, not just about what is wrong with the plant but with a real vision for how to fix it - this book wont disappoint.