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Caring for plants is hard - In fact, with so many things that can go wrong its a wonder we have any success at all! PlantTAGG is the worlds smartest, most comprehensive plant care technology, delivered to you on your mobile device. PlantTAGG’s content includes best practices tips and tasks for all types of plants - from trees and perennials to turf grass, annuals, houseplants and even wildflowers. Built using some of the most advanced artificial intelligence and data science in conjunction with localized content curated by Master Gardeners, PlantTAGG will become as integral to your gardening success as a shovel. This community forum we call ‘The Hive’ is a place for our gardener friends to share thoughts, research problems, get help and share the wonders of plants and gardening with others.

Before posting a new topic be sure to use the Search feature to see if your question has already been posted and answered. Over time The Hive will become rich with Q&A. Have fun, be respectful, engage and grow!