Why can't I find the PlantTAGG app in the Apple App or Google Play Stores?

This is a great question - one we get alot. When we set out to build PlantTAGG, having had alot of experience creating “native” mobile apps (those you get from the App Stores) and knowing the challenges, both from a technical as well as user perspective, we decided to go a different direction - a “mobile web-app”. Mobile web-apps work on any mobile device by leveraging the browser, versus requiring the user to download a native app.

Technical Challenges - It’s difficult and expensive to build for both iOS (Apple) and Android and support legacy, current and future versions as both operating system owners change how their system works very frequently. Additionally, native apps can be affected by OS configuration, other apps installed, settings, and a myriad of things that, together, make every phone unique. So testing a new feature against legacy and current configurations becomes nearly impossible. This in turn significantly slows down the development cycle and our ability to deploy new cool features.

User Challenges - People learn about new apps a variety of ways. We grew up and did most of our mobile development work in the consumer engagement technology sector (mobile apps to connect shoppers with brands and retailers to personalize shopping and create strong brand loyalty/affinity). What we found is shoppers will not interrupt their path-to-purchase (in store shopping mission) to stop, read about an app, go to an app store, download the app, setup a login and password, configure their profile, setup their situation and then learn how the app works… too much! Our goal was to make the on-ramp as close to zero as possible so that people could immediately get value from what PlantTAGG does best - Plant Care. The only way to achieve our goal is with a web-app - no app to download and constantly update, no credentialing, its super lightweight so doesn’t clutter your phone, its always current with new features and data and we build once for all mobile platforms (capital efficient). I believe this is the way of the future of mobile app technology - but for now, we don’t get the benefit of being in the app store to recruit new gardeners.

So if you haven’t already, text ‘PLANTS’ to 46376 and get the most advanced care for your plants based on precisely where they live!

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